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Verse-A-Day is now available for iPad & iPhone!

That’s right, in November of 2011 we released one of our most popular Android apps for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  We’re really excited to be a new member in the iOS development community and hope that Verse-A-Day is as much a blessing to iOS users as it has been to Android users.  Please check back occasionally as we do plan to release some of our other apps for iOS and build some entirely new apps for iOS and Android in the coming months.

HTC Droid Incredible


We build Android apps!

In 2010 we began building Android Apps with our first release being Silencio. You can find out more about Silencio by clicking on it’s link in the Apps section of our website.  We have several other apps slotted for development and release in 2012 so check back frequently for updates.

Also, If you have the next great Android App idea, please feel free to tell us about it.  If you’re the first person to give us your idea and we build the app, we’ll give you credit for the idea and a share of the profits from sales and/or ad revenue.  Just visit our Contact page and tell us about your idea.