We’re a family owned business based in the Central Pennsylvania area. We’ve operated under the iDelata name since 2002 but officially formed our corporation in 2008. The company founder, Brad Linard, has been working in the Application Development field since 1999.

In 2010 we began branching out into java-based Android app as well as objective-c development for the iOS.  In July 2010 we released our first Android App, Silencio, and in November of 2011 we published our first iOS app, Verse-A-Day.  We also built several other successful mobile apps during that time and have more planned for the future.  We’re always looking for good mobile app, or general software, ideas – so if you have a great idea, please visit our Contact page and tell us about it.  If we build your app idea and you were the first person to give us the idea, we’ll give you credit in the app and a share of any profits from its sales or ad revenue.

We also build custom software systems for the corporate and government enterprise. Specifically we’ve developed systems based on the .NET Framework using both C# and VB.NET. We’re experts in Windows Forms applications, ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC w/ AJAX) web applications and various types of web services (SOAP, WCF and RESTful).  It’s the success we’ve enjoyed in developing custom software systems for the corporate and government enterprise that’s allowed us the opportunity to move into the mobile app space.