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The Jesus Speaks mobile app delivers Bible verses that Jesus actually spoke to your mobile device daily. Have you ever wondered if God were to speak out loud, what would He say? Find out every day by reading some of the verses the He, Jesus, actually spoke with Jesus Speaks.

  • With Jesus Speaks you can easily share the daily Bible verses with friends and family via Facebook or email.
  • A reminder feature is provided to enhance your daily experience. This reminder feature can be configured to display daily reminders at a time of your choosing each day to help you remain consistent your daily reading.
  • You’ll have the ability to view Bible verse selections published in the past at your convenience.
  • Occasional commentary is offered to engage you about a Bible verse selection. Commentary will be available at least 1-2 times per week.
  • A variety of translations are available.

Bible Translations for Jesus Speaks Bible verses include:

NET (New English Translation)
NIV (New International Version)
NKJV (New King James Version)
NLT (New Living Translation)
KJV (King James Version)

Now you can also bookmark Jesus Speaks Bible verses (and commentaries) that you really like so that you can review them again later. Plus your bookmarked verses/commentaries will automatically sync across all your iDevices through your iCloud account. The bookmarking feature can be purchased through the In-App Store.

We hope that the Jesus Speaks mobile app will be a blessing to you and help you deepen your relationship with God by paying special attention each day to some of the words that He, Himself, spoke.


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